Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sometimes I forget how important what we’re doing is. As we talk to people who are outside our circles, I remember how we need to continue to encourage and empower people to make their faith the most important part of their life. I don’t want to assume that it isn’t for most, but that the way that our lives match up with our faith is so important to our witness to people. We live in a culture that is so scared of ruffling someone else’s feathers and a culture that is so obsessed with the individual and not the collective. I wonder what our great grandparents would think of the way we live. Sometimes I forget…


It’s Christmas eve and instead of spending time with family, I decided to post to my blog. I am amazed at how significant Christmas really is. I guess you do it so much, you forget how important it is to spend time with family and friends and to just enjoy their company. I think the extended family is becoming less and less in our culture and Christmas reminds us how much we need it. No matter how rough it can be, it’s important that we celebrate together.

I wish that I could capture how important this time is. Even as we sit here just hanging out, i realize how much community is a part of life. Because we are so individualistic in our culture, we think that we’re somehow reverting to our childhood if we spend time with family.

This Christmas, i want to think about how important it is for us to spend this time with family. Don’t take it forgranted, but engage in community with your extended family.

As i disengage to write this post….

Amy and I moved to Austin a year and a half ago to work with a church called Origins. We have felt a discontent with the amount of people in our generation that are leaving the church and are working hard to correct it. Instead of focusing all our talents and treasures on getting people to come to church, we are training leaders to take the gospel to the places they work, play, and live. We are also structuring our church to actively participate in the rhythms of the communities they are in.

We realize the issues that come with reaching this generation. One of them is lack of funding. We are tasked to raise two thousand a month for one year as we continue to live missionally and train leaders.