The Magic is over in Denver?

Last night was a rough night for me and NFL football. The Saints lost a heartbreaker to the 49rs, even though they dominated a lot of the game both offensively and defensively. Just some costly turnovers, and not being able to cover Vernon Davis. Anyway, there’s always next year.

Then we turned over to the fighting Tebows agains the Pats. I didn’t have high hopes for this game, but I at least wanted Denver to show up. I didn’t get my wish. Throughout the course of the game, I kept checking twitter to see what was trending. Tebow was getting a lot of both positive and negative comments. And then the Focus on the Family commercial came on. As I watched this, I first hoped it wasn’t a mormon commercial, and then hoped that nothing stupid was said at the end. Unfortunately I know Christian culture enough that they usually ruin good stuff like that with something dumb.
Twitter began to blow up. Everyone was tweeting #John316 and #focusonthefamily. I came across a few people who said, “Another example of Christians using children to push out their violent beliefs.” After my initial what an idiot thought, I began to wonder. What’s so violent about John 3:16. Set aside all other issues that you may have with God, the Bible, church, Christianity, Tim Tebow. There is nothing controversial about that. It’s like saying, here have a free sandwich. You don’t have to eat it. I’m just giving away sandwiches.

It reminds me of what Jeff Vanderstelt said the other day at a mini-conference I was at. He said, you have to be able to preach the gospel into a gospel narrative in their life. If they don’t see a gospel narrative in their life, the gospel won’t make sense to them. Unfortunately, our world no longer has a gospel narrative. We try to fit them into football players, horses, and other junk, but we lack it in our own lives. How much have you given up in your life for someone else? How much have you sacrificed for God and for the church? Until we begin showing the world that, John 3:16 will be a controversial issue.


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