Staying Busy…

We are always busy.

Going from one place to the next, meeting with this person or that, not ever slowing down. For anything.

I am realizing I love staying busy. I love to run. I love to go, go, go and not stop.  I am so much in this pace of life, that if I am not busy, I feel like something is wrong or out-of-place.  I am then, forced to create a “to do list” to work myself up into a state of busyiness again.

I drink coffee so I can think faster.

I run so my heart rate will be increased. (it’s not a work out until it’s at least 180 for 20 minutes)

I worry so my mind has things to obsess over. (what if this, i hope that, maybe here, maybe there)

I don’t know how to go slow and to be okay with open, “non-productive” periods of time. I don’t know how to be goal-driven by the Lord and not by my to do list. I wrote this poem in 10th grade that I remember so vividly.  The last words in the poem were…”my red-hot soul screams…STOP”  These words have been reappearing in my life over the past year.  Is God asking me to stop? Am I ignoring Him, because I know better?  There is so much work to be accomplished on earth.  So many goals to be reached.  I have things I want to do. Things that are important to me. The bigger question for me at this time is:

Who is setting my goals?        Me; or My God.

Do you struggle with these thoughts/questions? What answers have you come to?  How are you doing with slowing down and following the Lord’s leading?  What makes you feel satisfied when you come to the end of a day?

  1. Deb McConkey said:

    Love it….makes me think that’s for sure….what is the important things to do and what isn’t? When you solve this let me know the answer please…

  2. I want to point out that this is Amy’s blog post. I don’t know if people realized that…

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