Super Bowl, Schmuper Pole….

Realizing how much I love things that create community: enter Super Bowl.

Wish I could like football as much as I liked meeting more neighbors, eating Kyle’s sandwiches, and spending time with friends. (the only reason I want to like football better is because of The Saints and my husband)

Last night we were blessed to have over neighbors….yay…prayers were answered because we got to spend time with some folks we’ve been missing. It’s awesome how the more you wait and ask and pray for God to show up, when he does (in a small way or in a big way) it’s awesome!

God has used really random things for creating community.  I take for granted the opportunity we have with the small decisions we make.  God uses these to  lead us to service, giving, and love. (okay, God, that was you!!!!)  I am thankful I have a gracious, service minded husband, that makes decisions to step out for the Lord.  He is leading our family to be more community-minded and service-driven.  Glad Kyle leads me in this way.

Praying for the Lord to show me how to be more intentional with opportunities that create community and learning how to “boast only in Him”…..


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