I understand that may be the weirdest title of a blog that I’ve written yet.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working through a understanding of support raising, how prayer is involved and how important it is to my family that we have a 2nd full income. I have never done a great job of support raising. Like, never gotten more than like 1/3 of what I set out for. I don’t know if I am not good enough at it, don’t need the amount I set out to get, or just too lazy to follow up with it, but nonetheless, I’m under funded.

Now it’s a tricky thing. I am not raising support because my family is struggling to get by. God has blessed us and continues to bless us financially. However, I do believe that since I am working 40 to 60 hours a week, that I should be supported for the work that I am doing. Sometimes its difficult because I hear people say, “why should we pay pastors. All they do is get paid to do what they are supposed to do for free.” Not there are parts of that statement that may be true, but other parts that are not. I spend majority of my time investing in leaders, making contacts with non-profits that we can serve with, studying the theology behind what we are doing, and preparing messages and lesson for our groups to go through. True, I have the opportunity to go to coffee shops and meet people, share my faith and story, “during work hours.” But shouldn’t everyone who works, no matter where, be able to share their faith at work.

So, I am working on praying about all of this. I am spending time each day specifically praying for the people God wants to send to help support us. I think ¬†that there is a weird dichotomy between how much support raising I have to do and how much God has. I’ve heard guys say, “Just pray to God and wait, and he will fully support you.” Now that sounds amazing, mostly because I don’t want to put in the work and get the no’s, but I feel that God asks more.

Lastly, I heard recently that over 70% of pastors deal with depression. At first I was appalled about it, but then I began to realize how hard the work we do really is. Dealing with people’s faith is a stressful endeavor. It’s not their cable bill, or the food they eat, it’s eternity. It’s encouraging people to get rid of sin in their life. It’s walking with people through all the personal crap that they go through, and then them resent you, because you know their deepest darkest secrets.

So if you have some time over the next few weeks, would you pray for my support raising efforts, for Origins and our desire to see a city changed, and dealing with depression.


Amy and I moved to Austin a year and a half ago to work with a church called Origins. We have felt a discontent with the amount of people in our generation that are leaving the church and are working hard to correct it. Instead of focusing all our talents and treasures on getting people to come to church, we are training leaders to take the gospel to the places they work, play, and live. We are also structuring our church to actively participate in the rhythms of the communities they are in.

We realize the issues that come with reaching this generation. One of them is lack of funding. We are tasked to raise two thousand a month for one year as we continue to live missionally and train leaders.